Services and Sections

Media Center and Library is a School Library, that facilitates the internal and external loan of books and printed and digital materials, both from the MC-Textos department and from our collection of consultation and research and recreational reading to the entire Village community (Students, teachers , parents and administrative staff).

The loan service is provided from Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. You can consult the library’s catalog 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, inside and outside the library, no matter where you are geographically. You can search by title, author and free text and see if the material or book is available or on loan.

Media Center and Library Village, it has an open shelf, the user enters and selects his documents and books, the librarian also uses the interview to support everyone in his search, if the inquiry is internal, uses the books and materials within the library premises , if your loan is external, you go to the Circulation area to check your books, present your card and you can have a certain number of books and documents (in Spanish, English, French and German), for 15 days, if you need more time you can renew your loan. Users are also committed to complying with the rules for the return of books and regulations for the use of the material that is stipulated in the Library Regulations. You can borrow books from the general section, reference, youth and children’s section, as well as from the newspaper library; the only books you do not have access to is the Professional Library section, where you will find books and material for professionals and teachers. We are also going to give support in the use of platforms for the use of his digital books.


Our acquisition goes along two lines (MC-Texts and Library), it is based on the selection carried out meticulously by professionals from different areas of knowledge; specialized teachers in languages, psychology, mathematics, art, physics, chemistry, literature, biology, librarians and our regular users. It is carried out taking into account our objectives, values, international standards, among others, to provide our users with the best resources.


All external loan books transit. Books and materials that are loaned to take outside the Library premises has to been returned, consultations are made to the librarians online and in person, solvencies are issued, each student of the Village Community is charged all the books in the MC-Textos according to their profile, guides the user in the use of the library, its materials, physical books, digital books and their respective platforms.


This section is made up of works with special characteristics in both languages, English and Spanish and in all areas of knowledge, including atlases, dictionaries in different languages, specialized and general encyclopedias.

Electronic Catalog

It is automated with a library management system commercially called Glyphs based on web and XML and MARC21 standards. Here all materials and books are entered in any format, classified, cataloged and inventoried, international tools are used for this, such as the Melvil Dewey Decimal Classification System. This is the last step in acquisition and serves to make the entire bibliographic collection available to users through an online public catalog (OPAC Online Public Access Catalog), from the College’s website. As well as the books on the shelf available to the entire Village Community.

Reading Corner

The atmosphere in the Media Center and Library is very pleasant and these spaces help us engage students in reading, as they are small oases where students can choose the reading they like and read peacefully.

Reading Rooms

This area is directed for internal consultation by students who come to research or read, they select their books and materials since the Media Center and Library has an open shelf, the librarian uses the interview to help him if necessary and takes the opportunity to develop research or reading skills, also reserved for teachers for the same purposes.

Study Cubicles

Areas reserved for study, individual or group, is also used by teachers for the development of our IEP and VAC programs

Newspaper Library

Section of the Media Center and Library where you can find printed magazines. We also have thousands of peer-reviewed articles from digital magazines in one of the largest newspaper archives, EBSCOhost, which is available in the Library on the College’s website.

Cataloging and Classification

The classification and cataloging department of the Media Center and Library uses international standards for the treatment of each printed, didactic, digital material, and others, by using the Melvil Dewey Decimal Classification System, the Anglo-American cataloging rules 2, (Anglo-American Cataloging Rules, Second Edition, AACR2 for its acronym in English), before entering it into the library management system commercially called Glyphs.

Professional Library

Section where you can find all the support material for teachers, the teaching of their courses and their professional growth, here we find books, maps, audio, posters, didactic material, guides, material for the development of fine and gross motor skills, flashcards, big books, and others

Ancient Books

This is a special section with old books printed since 1874, those are books that have been published for more than 145 years, others date from 1906, 1920, there are a variety of publication dates, as well as themes. Those are hardcover books with imitation leather or leather paste, with beautiful marbling, characteristics that we do not see nowadays in printed books.


This area of ​​the Media Center and Library provides students with digital and printed books, according to their profile and grade. A user is created for each student on the different platforms so that they can enter and use their digital books. For this they only need to be registered.