Online Public Catalog

(OPAC Online Public Access Catalog)
This is the electronic catalog of Village School, you can find it on the school’s website. Click on the catalog button and you can search by title, author, or by typing a word from the title or topic you are looking for in free text. Here you will find all the available bibliographic collection and the one that is on loan. If you learn to use this catalog it would be extraordinary, because that is how all library catalogs around the world work.


Virtual libraries are an invaluable resource in our society, it is to open the door of knowledge to our mind and have the opportunity to increase our cultural heritage, since they have many books and materials in different languages and are freely accessible.
No matter the time or geographical point where the user is, he/she can have access to any book or material. The teacher can be in class and with the students, enter the School’s website and access the book he needs at that moment without having to move or do any work.

Next, we make available some virtual libraries and how to do a basic and simple search, in addition to the EBSCO database, which is by subscription.





It is a subscription database where we have about 15,000 digital books from different branches of knowledge, there are also thousands of peer-reviewed articles, videos, PDF texts, newspapers, magazine articles, academic journals, and others. can download, and it is very comfortable to use, just click on the EBSCO button, write the username and password that is under the EBSCO logo, on the next screen select “Explora for Elementary or “Explora for Middle and High School”.
When entering the desired level, you can write a word of the topic you are looking for in the viewer and click on the yellow «Search» button, then all the resources are displayed.
You can also click on each topic that EBSCO presents us, and we will obtain titles with that theme in alphabetical order, we click again on the letter with the topic we are looking for begins and it redisplays all the resources that have to do with it can be printed, saved in Google Drive, sent by mail or cited in the investigation.

User: villageschool
Password: Village2022!

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is a library of more than 60,000 free electronic books, including classic literature, the most popular books, the Bible in different versions and languages, the declaration of independence of the United States, and many others, it is very easy to use that, when clicking on the Library icon, a screen appears and “Search and Browse” is selected, in the “Quick Search” space, we write the title of the book or a word of the title that we are looking for and we click on “Search” and displays a list of the books that contain that title, we select the format in which we prefer to read. This is a perfect tool for the Village Community, as literary works are found in English, French, German, Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, Finnish and 40 other languages.

Hispanic Digital Library

It contains more than 9,600 books, additionally it provides us with atlases, magazines, manuscripts, photos, among others, it is a digital library with free access. It is easy to search in this library, we click on the logo and it takes us to its page, in it we select Advanced Search, we place the title in «Search in the text of the documents» in the fields for it and in the lower part we select the material that we want, for example, a book, then we press the “Search” button and it displays a list with all the available records.

UNESCO World Digital Library

It is a library to explore, with online documents in more than 100 languages, containing digitized collections. You will not find recent books, as they are jewels and relics, cultural heritage, published in their original language. To perform a simple search, click on World Digital Library in the search engine, enter the keyword of what you want, the screen displays all the data that have to do with the subject, on the left side we can find tools that are filters that we can apply to our search. This library allows to know better the cultures of the world in languages, Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese.

ILCE Digital Library

Click on the cover of a book and display the entire book in PDF. At the bottom of the page is the «Children and Youth» section, where there are more fiction books, and the «Collections» section, where we find non-fiction books with current topics to read and investigate. At the bottom of the page is «Grammar Notes» to learn all the spelling rules of our language. At the top there is a “Dictionary” button that has a linguistic portal with 40 bilingual dictionaries and context sentences to illustrate some translations.

World Bank

In the search viewer, write the title or a word of the subject and it displays a list with all the existing documents in said library. It has more than 7,000 indicators on business, health, financing, human development, worldwide statistical data and the economy, all of which are freely accessible.

Fundación Herencia Cultural Guatemalteca

Click on «go to Library», here you will find the options, Know Guatemala to Love It, Elementary History of Guatemala, Synoptic History of Guatemala, General History of Guatemala, Biographical Historical Dictionary, clicking on the icon of the book inside a circle or the button of See More, allows us to visualize the screen to place,

User: user2667
Password: 16asdf94

After typing the user and password we press the enter key, whichever option is chosen will have the richness of these historical gems, where we will know the past of Guatemala and acquire historical awareness and criteria to make the best decisions for the present.



It is the media library of the Alliance Française, when you enter you can search by author, title or keyword, in its search bar or in one of its five main sections, which are: Lire, Ecouter, Regarder, Apprendre and Jeunesse you can access online resources such as books, magazines of different subjects and ages, comics, updated French newspapers, audiobooks, music, videos, podcasts, academic resources, essays, classic literature, language tips, among others. More than 1,000,000 documents are available.

User: user2667
Password: 16asdf94